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LMS CZ Fast-changing Purlin Roll Rorming Machine


LMS CZ Fast-changing Purlin Roll Rorming Machine

LMS CZ Fast-changing Purlin Roll Rorming Machine

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    C Z Purlin Roll Rorm
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    Huangpu, China
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    90 days

LMS CZ Fast-changing Purlin Roll Rorming Machine

Machine introduction:

LMS roll forming machine which takes the COPRA, designing software for cold rolling production and applies for the first step of rolling design, calculation, molding technique simulation, blueprint optimization and roller design to rough molding management, digital machining and quality control. LMS applies for the COPRA in the whole process. The greatness of COPRA is combined with LMS's great experience of twenty years completely and this make LMS be with might double in production for clients. Realize your dream with CORPA.

Main Specification :

material: steel coil material

thickness : 1.6 mm production

speed: 0-50m/min

profile width : 38mm, heigth: 22mm

speed: max.80m/min

maunal expansion


A. Decoiler 1 set

capacity: 2tons

coil inner diameter: 460mm-530mm

coil outer diamteter: max1300mm

coil width: 20mm-200mm


B: Roll forming machine 1 set

roller station: 12 sets

roller material: Cr12 mold steel

heat treatment: HRC 58°C-60°C

torii: independent guide column type

side wall thickness: 54mm

drive: motor and worm speed reducer

main shaft material: 40Cr

shaft diameter: 48mm


C: Cut-off part 1 set

hydraulic system automatic punching and cutting, no stop and no speed reduce

blade material: Cr12Mov


D: Electronic system 380V 50Hz

PLC control

Frequency converter SHIHLIN

Servo motor and drive YASKAWA

purlin machine

purlin machine

purlin machine

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